Spring and Summer fun 2003
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webchristmas1.jpg (18427 bytes)
Steven pretending to be Santa saying "HO HO HO"
Look who's peeking through the candy cane--Emma!
Christmas 2003

webchrismas2.jpg (14929 bytes)
Steven loves Nutcrackers!
Christmas 2003
webnativity.jpg (28382 bytes)
Emma (7), Steven (5), and Meredith (10) dressed in their
Christmas best before going to Christmas Eve service!
December 24, 2003

webking2.jpg (16984 bytes)
Our kids Christmas play--Steven is the wise king bearing
gifts to the new baby Jesus!
December 2003

webtulsa3.jpg (25851 bytes)
All the Bennett kids with their spouses plus Grandpa Charlie and
Grandma Judy and all the grandkids! 

November, 2003
webtulsa.jpg (15659 bytes)
It's so nice to wear winter clothes!
Aunt Carolyn and Uncle PJ's house in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Thanksgiving, 2003

webalbummalibu4.jpg (30474 bytes)
Steven, Meredith and Emma and Steven's friends having fun at his Birthday party at Malibu Grand Prix Castle!
They all had a great time riding go carts, mini golfing, and playing lots of video games!!

November 2003
websitecar.jpg (17954 bytes)
November 2003
Halloween2003-1.jpg (12468 bytes)
Daddy as a "Real" Hocky Player!
Steven and the girls loved it!  Pictured are Meredith's friends Chandler, Devin, and Steven, Emma and Meredith!
Halloween 2003
webalbummalibu3.jpg (12279 bytes)
Steven doing a ICEE "cheers" at his birthday party!
He loved having all his close friends, his sisters', and his grandpa Trapp there to celebrate with him!
November 2003
webkrispy1.jpg (9111 bytes)
Our Krispy Kreme boy! September 2003

webhalloween2.jpg (18748 bytes)
Our Mermaid, Jammies Girl, and Red Power Ranger!
Halloween 2003

webpool.jpg (10534 bytes)
Grandpa Charlie and Steven having fun in the pool!
October 2003
webfish.jpg (13567 bytes)
Steven, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma went to Guadalupe River State Park and Steven caught this fish!!! 
October 2003

webalbumquilt3.jpg (16568 bytes)
Steven's friends and sister's checking out the I Spy
quilt Grandma Judy made!
October 2003
webquilt1.jpg (14081 bytes)
Grandma Judy holding the incredibly neat I SPY quilt she and several of her friends quilted for Steven!
October 2003
webquilt.jpg (18143 bytes)
"I spy with my little eye--SpongeBob!"  Yes, SpongeBob made the I SPY quilt!  Steven LOVES his new quilt and pillow!  October 2003
webalbum2.jpg (10814 bytes)
A Lory landed on Grandpa Charlie's hat and was nibbling!   We sure enjoyed our trip to the zoo!
October 2003
webalbumzoo1.jpg (14568 bytes)
Steven hugging the Komodo Dragon at the Zoo!
October 2003
webLTN1.jpg (14881 bytes)
"Thank you for supporting the Leukemia and
Lypmohoma Society -- Steven's Team!"
September 2003
webltn8.jpg (16913 bytes)
The Light the Night walk took place in downtown San Antonio across from Santa Rosa Children's hospital.  So many people came out
to support this special cause.
September 2003
webltn7.jpg (15839 bytes)
Emma's Brownie troop carrying their banner!  They helped raise money too!  September 2003
webltn4.jpg (24921 bytes)
Part of Steven's Team starting off!  Everyone was looking up at the 8th floor window of the Oncology floor at Santa Rosa hospital showing all the kids up there our support.
September 2003--Light the Night Walk
webltn3.jpg (9181 bytes)
Steven rode almost the entire way in the stroller so when he wanted to get out and walk with his dad I just had to take this picture!  Steven has a very special daddy!
September 2003
webltn2.jpg (11747 bytes)
Steven, Emma and Meredith at the end of the walk!
September 2003
webltn5.jpg (21292 bytes)
Team captain Sue Wysong holding the team banner.   Merdith'sGirl Scout troop carried it during the walk! 
September 2003
webchicago6.jpg (21533 bytes)
Family friend Bill Ritchie treated us to a neat trip to
the train museum!  July 2003
webchicago5.jpg (13260 bytes)
Steven's favorite thing about Chicago--Ice cream trucks
that bring Ice cream right to your house!
July 2003
webchicago4.jpg (13412 bytes)
Steven and Meredith enjoying a boat ride on
Lake Michigan in Chicago.  It was so nice to see
all our family in Chicago! July 2003

webchicago.jpg (13651 bytes)
Uncle Tony, Aunt Sylvia, Aunt Sue, Thomas, Meredith, Emma
and Steven all enjoying a night movie at Campinari's near my
parents condo in Mt. Prospect!
Trip to Chicago--summer 2003
webchicago2.jpg (22214 bytes)
Steven, Meredith and Emma with the Journey of Hope bicyclists in Chicago!  They rode across the country
in support of many different charities.  Steven and the girls
met them last year during our Make-A-Wish trip where the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity donated money to Give Kids the World.  They are a very special group of men.
July 2003

webchicago1.jpg (15305 bytes)
Steven with Josh!  Josh wore a band around his
arm for the entire bike ride to show his support for Steven! 
We met up with Josh and Ty and all the other riders
in Chicago.   July 2003
webpagebike.jpg (17895 bytes)
Steven enjoying a popsicle after riding his bike
(in 100 degree weather) for about two hours!
August 2003
webpagebike1.jpg (13107 bytes)
No more training wheels--he is SO proud of himself!
August 2003
webalbumtrain.jpg (11741 bytes)
Steven and Daddy getting ready to board the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauage Steam Railroad!  Steven was Sooooo excited for this ride!
RV Trip to Colorado--July 2003
webalbumsilver.jpg (26623 bytes)
Our family enjoying lunch in Silverton, CO.  This was our first experience with a RV camping trip and we loved it!
RV trip,  July 2003

webalbumrv.jpg (10355 bytes)
The kids chomping at the bit to get going!  It took us 10 hours to pack this rented RV!  (this picture was taken before we put a "minor" dent in the RV's side the first night we pulled in to park it at our first campground-- oops!)
RV trip, July 2003
webalbummarshmallow.jpg (10523 bytes)
Steven and his "well done" marshmallows!
July 2003  Chama, New Mexico

webalbumrvclean.jpg (9025 bytes)
Steven, Emma and Daddy all cleaning the front of the RV during a gas station stop in New Mexico!
RV Trip, July 2003
webalbumfun.jpg (13930 bytes)
Meredith, EMma and Steven clowing around inside the RV! 
July, 2003

webalbumgold1.jpg (18401 bytes)
Steven and Emma inside an old gold mine in Durango Colorado.   We took an off road jeep trip up into one of the canyons--it was
very bumpy but fun!
RV trip July, 2003
webalbumchama.jpg (17095 bytes)
Just hanging out around the campfire!  Some of our best times during this vacation were just hanging out
around the RV.
RV trip, July 2003

webalbumzoo.jpg (15211 bytes)
Steven making silly faces with the elephants at the zoo!  He loved going with Miss Jodie to see the animals!
May 2003
webalbumpool.jpg (18513 bytes)
Steven's last day of swimming before his ENT told
us he needs to stay out of the pool for awhile!
May 2003
webalbumMar2003 053.jpg (15659 bytes)
Bone Marrow Recipient and Donor almost
one year later!
April 2003
webalbumMar2003 029.jpg (17841 bytes)
We love our Texas Bluebonnets! 
April 2003

webalbumMar2003 028.jpg (13802 bytes)
The kids at Emma's Brownie Troop's field trip to
the Cow Parade in downtown San Antonio
April 2003
webalbum March2003 207.jpg (14677 bytes)
Steven hanging in the airport on our return trip from
Disneyland!  March 2003
(meredith took this picture--she's quite the budding photographer!)
webalbumtsFeb 018.jpg (16870 bytes)
Meredith and Emma in costume for the
annual St. GeorgeTalent show!  They had a blast!  March 2003
webalbumApril03 008.jpg (16211 bytes)
Just hangin' around in the yard watching Mom plant
flowers!  April 2003

webalbumdisney.jpg (11667 bytes)
Daddy surprised us all with a limo ride from
the airport to our hotel at Disneyland! 
Springbreak March 2003
webalbumdisney3.jpg (9577 bytes)
Hamming it up for the camera's!  They loved walking
under the big stars!
March 2003

webalbumdisney2.jpg (17582 bytes)
Goofy finding Steven hiding from him at the
Goofy's Kitchen character breakfast! 
March 2003
webalbumdisney1.jpg (17633 bytes)
It was only 70 degrees yet the kids were in the
pool every day!  They were truly little mermaids!
March 2003