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web20052.jpg (21748 bytes)
I thought I'd end this 2004 picture page with a few more
of my favorite pics of Steven.  In this picture we were
having fun at a local park in San Diego on our Spring
break trip 2004.  This was our last family vacation as Steven
relapsed just two days after returning from our trip. 
I love this picture because he had so much fun
that day.  He's dirty, wearing only one shoe, and having
the best time! That really was a special day.
March 2004


web20054.jpg (22545 bytes)
This is Steven giving one of his many "funny" faces. 
He would ham it up for the camera! 
We had so much fun at this park running
around playing tag, playing arond the palm trees
and enjoying the wonderful lawn!
Spring Break March 2004

webswim.jpg (21204 bytes)
This was taken at one of the girls' swim meets. 
Steven loved to play with Power Ranger stuff!
June 2003 

web20056.jpg (12165 bytes)
Steven laying down in the bed he made from all the pillows
at Leslie's house! 
January 2004

web2005.jpg (13095 bytes)
This was taken on an afernoon he was with Leslie our babysitter.  He took all of Leslie's pillows from around her house and made a big "bed"!  They always had fun together.
January 2004
web20051.jpg (15836 bytes)
One of Steven's favorite places to go was the rodeo.   He loved all the horses!  He wanted to tuck his jeans into his boots (given to him by friend Jake) so everyone would see how "cool" he looked!
February 2004

send1.jpg (14542 bytes)
Our new 5 month old Labradoodle puppy Sunny Grace
December 2004


sunnygrace1.jpg (10086 bytes)
Meredith taking a little snooze with her new friend!
December 2004

sunnygrace2.jpg (8059 bytes)
It's naptime!
December 2004
sunnygrace4.jpg (10020 bytes)
Emma LOVES kisses from Sunny!
December 2004

webhalloween1.jpg (12897 bytes)
Meredith carving pumpkins poolside--yes this is how we doing things
in south Texas!  October 2004
webhalloween3.jpg (17926 bytes)
Meredith swimming with her pumpkin before she carves it!
Halloween 2004



webhalloween4.jpg (16850 bytes)
Brittany and Emma as the Rock Star Singing
Diva's of San Antonio!
Halloween 2004


webhalloween.jpg (19865 bytes)
Meredith the "cosmic witch" and her
friend Jennifer--being Meredith!
Halloween 2004



weblosbarrios3.jpg (11447 bytes)
My friends Karin and Tracey along with Dave's Dad and Dave at
the dinner benefit for the soccer field!
It was a very special night.  There were 100 people at the benefit
and about $7,000 was rasied! 
October 2004


weblosbarrios.jpg (13597 bytes)
Emma and her friends at the Steven Trapp Soccer Field
Benefit Dinnerat Los Barrios.  We all had such a great time!
October 2004
webicee1.jpg (19200 bytes)
Meredith with her friends Chandler and Lauren all wearing the ICEE shirts that ICEE sent us!  September 2004
webbrownietroop1.jpg (23999 bytes)
3rd grade Brownie Troop 243 walking in Steven's memory--THANK YOU!  September, 2004 Light the Night walk



webdinner.jpg (19288 bytes)
Our friends' the Velez', the Hausmans'and the Beldons' enjoying dinner before the Light the Night Walk.  James' company provided the wonderful Steven's Team Tee shirts--thank you!
September 2004
webhanna.jpg (18518 bytes)
Emma carrying a white survivor balloon for Steven and Hanna carrying the red supporter balloon.  They had so much fun at the walk!
September 2004

webokc.jpg (14010 bytes)
Our friends from our Sunday School class in Oklahoma City
drove down to present our family with a wonderful bench
they had made in Steven's memory--and they
stayed to do the Light the Night walk. 
They are all wearing ICEE tee shirts and hats!
September 2004


webteamsteven.jpg (18855 bytes)

This is the banner my brother Tony had made for the walk in Chicago.  He then sent it to us for our walk in San Antonio!  We then sent it to NYC for their Light the Night walk so this banner has been in three cities!
September, 2004




web1.jpg (13375 bytes)
Steven loved ice skating!
webfamily1.jpg (22316 bytes)
Our family together on our spring break trip to San Diego!
Steven was buried in this outfit--the shirt he has on he always called "my beach shirt" -- he wanted to wear it constantly!
March, 2004

webmarch.jpg (15994 bytes)
Our little spurs man giving us a double thumbs up!

webfront.jpg (16603 bytes)
This is one of my all time favorite pics of Steven--this captures his personality perfectly!

webgirls1.jpg (15515 bytes)
Meredith and Emma having some fun "wrestling"!
June 2004

websleep.jpg (10791 bytes)
Children look like little angels when they sleep don't they?
April 2004
webhome.jpg (11101 bytes)
Steven started becoming more tired in June. 
This is one of the last pictures
I took of Steven.  He loved cuddling with his sisters'.
June 2004
websleeping.jpg (13612 bytes)
Steven doing a lot of sleeping--always
cuddling with his current favorite toy.
May 2004

WEbcover.jpg (11317 bytes)
Steven, Dave, Meredith, and Emma (you can't see the girls but they are wearing the 3D glasses too!) watching Shrek 3D!
May 2004
webshrek.jpg (15388 bytes)
A friend sent a bunch of Schrek stuff to Steven and the girls--it brought a smile to Steven's face!  May 2004

webtrophy2.jpg (12979 bytes)
Steven with his soccer trophy and medal!
May 2004




webdavesteven.jpg (11710 bytes)
Dave holding Steven so he could squirt Meredith, Emma and Jennifer with a huge squirt gun!  This was a nice day.
May 5, 2004
weboutside.jpg (26492 bytes)
Julia, David, Daniel, Steven, Jennifer and Meredith (Emma was off rollerblading!) posing for mom!
April 2004
webbluebonnets.jpg (14350 bytes)
Our handsome boy posing in the Texas Bluebonnets!
April 2004


websandiego7.jpg (28236 bytes)
Meredith piggybacking Steven all over Coronado Island!
Spring Break 2004
websandiego6.jpg (11688 bytes)
Steven's idea of "laying out" --this didn't last long!
Spring Break 2004
websandiego4.jpg (24802 bytes)
Emma and mom hanging out in the Legoland Police car!
Legoland--Spring break 2004
websandiego5.jpg (11207 bytes)
I told them not to jump on the beds--but do they listen to me?
Spring break--San Diego 2004
websandiego3.jpg (16099 bytes)
The beach was so wonderful!
Spring break 2004
websandiego2.jpg (17781 bytes)
The kids favorite ride!  I think Emma and Meredith were stronger
as they were pulling higher and higher and Daddy kept letting go! (see Emma at top!)   Spring Break 2004

webjanuaray.jpg (11928 bytes)
I have new hair but you can't see it with my hat on!
I am feeling great!  January 2004

websandiego.jpg (13574 bytes)
In the hotel lobby--we were all excited to be on vacation!
San Diego--Spring Break 2004
webpalmtree.jpg (20379 bytes)
Snow in San Antonio????  It's not often that you see a palm tree with
snow on it!  Unfortunately it only lasted a few hours!
February 2004

webice.jpg (20365 bytes)
Steven using a spatula to scrape ice off our table!
February 2004
webemmasnow.jpg (18559 bytes)
Emma and Steven having fun filling bowls with snow to
"save" for later!  February 2004
webrollerblades.jpg (27737 bytes)
All three kids having a blast rollerblading!
February 2004