Dedicated September 8, 2006
St. George Episcopal School, San Antonio, TX



Our son Steven loved a lot of things in life.  Trucks and trains, ICEE’s and Krispy Kremes, Chuckie Cheese and Spongebob, but if there was one thing that stood out as far as kid fun went—it was his love of soccer.  He had watched his sisters’ Meredith and Emma both play on soccer teams and was so proud the day we went to sign him up for his first season and buy him soccer shoes.  He even picked out a rainbow colored soccer ball!  Unfortunately Steven would only get to play in one practice and one game before his rare form of Leukemia returned a second time. 


One huge blessing was watching Steven’s face as he got ready to play in his first soccer game.  He was thrilled with the game that allowed him to run, kick, laugh and shout.  He loved his teammates with the team name “Lizards” written on their green jerseys.  Although it was only one game, he made the most of it.  We are very grateful for that special soccer day.


Through Steven our family has learned to appreciate and live in the moment.  We have learned to “find the fun” in each day and to focus on the positive.  We made the most of our hospital and chemo days by going on “adventures” and noticing the little things that will, if you let them, make you smile and even laugh.  We made it a point to find a blessing in each day.  Steven lived only five short years, but in that time showed us how to live life to the fullest.  He died on July 13, 2004 after a very courageous battle.  A month before Steven died his soccer team presented him with his team trophy and a soccer medal.  He cherished them both.


Steven’s grandpa—Grandpa Charlie had an idea that he felt would honor Steven’s short life in a way that celebrates “fun”.  We want to make sure that his zest for life and his love of the game of soccer will not be forgotten.  We also want to do something that allows kids to have some fun enjoying the game of soccer.















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Steven's Quilt