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South Texas Blood Mobile 001.jpg (11322 bytes)     
Ellie Watkins, Lisa Rosenfeld and our family at our neighborhood's Blood Drive for Steven! (March02)


Kids in the bathtub.jpg (5174 bytes)
Emma, Steven and Meredith having
 fun in the tub (Feb02)

Steven with IV Pump.jpg (13550 bytes)                   
Steven wearing his IV backpack! (March02)                  


Steven having fun with Grandpa Charlie! (Feb02)

The Hummer Ride 012.jpg (11562 bytes)
Tony taking Steven for a HUMMER Ride!!!
The Hummer Ride 013.jpg (11526 bytes)
"I'm really inside a HUMMER--way Cool!"(March02)
The Hummer Ride 032.jpg (20212 bytes)
Playing at "Willies" with little friends-Alex, Mitchell and Daniel! (March02)

The Hummer Ride 022.jpg (12699 bytes)
"I can't decide if I want the white one or yellow one...hmmmmm" (March02)

Mvc-009s.jpg (8035 bytes)
Steven with the Trcka boys relaxing in their backyard! (Feb02)

Dad&Steven Tag1.jpg (13930 bytes)
Playing "chase" with Daddy! When Steven's counts are high--he loves to run! (March02)

Steven and Grandpa Trapp1.jpg (8920 bytes)
Steven loves Grandpa Trapp! (March02)
Family Easter2.jpg (21074 bytes)
We were able to go to church as a family on Easter Sunday.    It was truly a special Easter!