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Christmas Picture - December, 2001

Trapp kids 2001

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Steven at Chuckie Cheeses - March, 2002

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Steven at Chuckie Cheeses -March, 2002
He gained 10 lbs. from all the steroids he had to take.  He was on them for a month.

Meredith getting DNA tested

Emma getting DNA tested

Like father like son-Feb 02

Talking to Grandpa Charlie-- March 02

Taking a well deserved nap!


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Steven and Aunt Carolyn--March 02

Decadron Steroid Cravings!

Watching the clouds with mom!--March 02

Steven LOVES trains!


Steven touching Shamu.JPG (12885 bytes)
Steven loved touching Shamu!-March 02



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We had such a special day at Sea World!!!--March 02