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Meredith hanging out at the school talent show!
March 2006

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Our dog Sunny loves to gives kisses!  Here is Sunny licking
Meredith all over!  Meredith sure loves Sunny!
January 2006



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Meredith with Chandler and Lauren after finishing her
voice recital.  May 2006.

webmereemmalake.jpg (19014 bytes)
Meredith and Emma enjoying a beautiful day in Alaska! We went crabbing
and saw a bear and seals!  We went on this cruise with Grandma Judy and Grandpa Charlie!
June 2006

webskiingmereemma.jpg (13145 bytes)
Meredith and Emma laughing while mom tries to get a   picture.  We
went Skiing in Colorado and the girls' LOVED it! They
are hooked on skiing!  January 2006

webchristmasmere.jpg (26881 bytes)
Meredith at Christmas.  She is growing up so fast!
December 2005

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  Emma and Meredith with their favorite puppy--Sunny!
February 2006

websiteeaster.jpg (11558 bytes)
Our family celebrating Easter
April 2006

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