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Steven "lounging" in his hospital bed--June 4,2002

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Steven doing his daily exercising! June 5,2002

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Grandpa Charlie, Steven and Meredith building a lego  tower! June 7, 2002

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Steven and mommy were "dancing" to the "Spirit" movie CD!  June 6, 2002

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Steven and Meredith relaxing in the pull out chair!   June 5, 2002

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BMT day!  June 11, 2002 Mommy and Steven relaxing after an exciting day!

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Check out the bandaids!  They took out a lot of blood and I don't remember any of it!   BMT day June 11, 2002

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"I came to Steven's room to check out exactly what it was I was donating!" June 11, 2002 BMT day

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Emma sure knows how to make Steven laugh!
June 10, 2002

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My Power Ranger Celebration cake!
June 11,2002 BMT day

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Meredith taking care of her little brother!  June 11,2002 BMT day

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Emma being a great "Helper Champion" and cuddling Meredith as she recovers! June 11,2002 BMT day!

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Meredith getting to go home that night since she was feeling so good!  June 11, 2002 BMT day

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Meredith's gift of Life--This bag contains        479 cc's of rich healthy stem cells!

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Steven's nurse Julie getting him ready for his two hour pass for a car ride!  June 26, 2002

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Watching the rollercoasters at Fiesta Texas during our two hour hospital pass!  He wants to go there to celebrate getting better! June 26, 2002