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Home Again!
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Sept 10,02 haircut and brownies 023.jpg (17293 bytes)
Steven "washing" the car on a wonderfully rainy day! (He still loves to run around naked!!)   September 8, 2002

ZooSept17 004.jpg (25728 bytes)
Steven and Turner going on a train ride! Boy, is it fun to get to go out again!!   September 17, 2002 

Sept 10,02 haircut and brownies 001.jpg (21288 bytes)
Steven and Emma having a blast riding bikes in the rain!
September 8, 2002

ZooSept17 012.jpg (17218 bytes)
Steven and friends Turner and Arrington riding the elephant at the zoo!  (this was his first trip to the zoo in so long!  He was so excited!) September 17, 2002

Sept 5,2002 010.jpg (13586 bytes)
Julia and Steven "painting" eachother with sidewalk chaulk and jumping in the pool to wash it off!  August 31, 2002

Sept 5,2002 011.jpg (9412 bytes)
Steven trying on his dinosaur Halloween costume with his friend Julia and sister Meredith!   Sept 3, 2002

Light the Night Luncheon.jpg (13835 bytes)
"Steven's Team" Captain Sue Wysong, David Brown and Josh Kimball from World Karate (they are one of the corporate sponsors of this event), and in the back row from left--Alice Rohrman, Lisa Trapp, Lisa Rosenfeld, Genia Belzung (not pictured) and Becky Devore--all there to support the Light the Night walk! 
August 27, 2002

GKTW fundraiser 013.jpg (14307 bytes)
        The kids with Pam and the DJ at the 107.7 and Give  Kids the World Fundraiser!  They all talked "live" on the air! August 23, 2002

Steven bike thumbsupAug21 023.jpg (20890 bytes)
Steven loving riding his bike! August 19, 2002

First Day of School Aug21 003.jpg (18994 bytes)
Meredith (3rd grade) and Emma (1st grade) on the first day back to school!  August 20, 2002

Aug 21Dr. Wall and Steven.jpg (13333 bytes)
Steven (looking a little nervous because he's about to have his port accessed!) and Dr. Wall--what a blessing our BMT
doctors are!  She takes such good care of Steven! August 20, 2002

kids in pool july 30.jpg (18616 bytes)
The kids enjoying the last bit of summer fun!  August 10, 2002

Infusion Center Aug6 011.jpg (12100 bytes)
Getting ready to have his "crab" (port) accessed at the Infusion Center--he is sooo brave!!!  The nurses there are wonderful!!!  August 6, 2002

Infusion Center Dr. Grimley Aug6 024.jpg (14996 bytes)
Steven and Dr. Grimley!  He loves his BMT doctors!  August 6, 2002

infusion center aug6.jpg (18246 bytes)
Meredith helping Steven check his blood pressure!  Infusion Center August 6, 2002

infusion center emma.jpg (17798 bytes)
Emma playing her favorite game while she waits for Steven to get his blood checked!   Aug 6, 2002

July4th 005.jpg (14768 bytes)
Steven loves Mr. Rosenfeld!!  He loves watching him play the guitar!  July, 2002

WebalbumtrainrideJuly17.jpg (10695 bytes)
Steven's first train ride post BMT--He can do this since it's outside and not enclosed.   And I carry a million antibacterial wipes! July 18, 2002

Central line removal 007.jpg (12475 bytes)
Steven playing with his double lumen central line--he was able to take home the two lines as a keepsake!  July 16, 2002

Central line removal games.jpg (13555 bytes)
Daddy trying to entertain a very nervous Steven while waiting (over 4 1/2 hours) before his surgery to remove his central line! July 16, 2002

webalbuminfusion.jpg (9736 bytes)
Steven playing Hide-and-go-seek while at the Transplant and Infusion Center!  July 3, 2002

webalbumswimmeet.jpg (19790 bytes)
Grandpa Charlie with Meredith and Emma at their Swim Meet!  They did this the whole month of June!  June 02

webalbumjuly1.jpg (13552 bytes)
Daddy, Emma and Steven playing a game his second night home!  July 2, 2002

webalbumhummer.jpg (11437 bytes)
Tony giving Steven the remote control HUMMER!  Pretty soon Steven was up racing it all around! 
June 25, 2002

webalbumpool.jpg (22385 bytes)
Steven loves just hanging out by the pool!  We can't wait until his central line comes out and we get the go ahead to let him in the water! 
July 3,2002


webalbumswing.jpg (16781 bytes)
Two sisters having fun in the backyard!  They have become even closer during this BMT time.  June 28,2002


webalbumpopsicle.jpg (11983 bytes)
Steven at home during his six hour "pass" from the hospital!  We tried everything to get him to eat!  He actually swallowed the red part of the popsicle so we're making progress!
June 29, 2002

webalbumcleanup.jpg (11680 bytes)
My Dad helping clean out Steven's hospital room the night we were discharged!  June 30,2002

webpagejune30pass.jpg (15840 bytes)
Steven relaxing on the couch before going back to the hospital.  June 27, 2002

webalbumcarride.jpg (11811 bytes)
Watching the roller coasters at Fiesta Texas during his two hour car ride "pass" from the hospital
June 26, 2002

webpagebathjune30.jpg (7960 bytes)
Steven falling asleep in the "tub" at the hospital!  He was actually snoring! June 26, 2002