webemmatalent.jpg (19882 bytes)
Emma loving the talent show!  She did a dance with her friends to a song
on a CD we made of Steven's favorite songs--"Accidentally in Love" from Shrek II.

March 2006

websnowflakeemma.jpg (12943 bytes)
Emma catching snowflakes on her tongue! This was the first
time the girls' saw real amounts of snow!
Colorado--January 2006


websiteskiing.jpg (15871 bytes)
What a big snowman!  We loved Skiing!
Crested Butte--2006

websoccer.jpg (21525 bytes)
Emma kicking the first soccer ball at the groundbreaking
ceremony of the Steven Trapp Memorial Athletic Field!
Anticipated completion date--September 2006
May 2006

websiteemmasun.jpg (18026 bytes)
Sunny bringing Emma her birthday present! 
May 2006--Emma's 10th Birthday


webbday.jpg (11500 bytes)
Emma enjoying her birthday with her friends Scout,
Brittany, Hanna and Madi. They all had a blast!
May 30, 2006

webcrab.jpg (14298 bytes)
Emma holding a big Dungeness Crab
we caught in Alaska!
Summer, 2006

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