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Disney World Make-A-Wish Trip!
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We loved the Disney World!!  May14-20,2002

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Steven would only ride the pig!!!

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The waterpark at GKTW was just perfect
for the kids!  (May 02)

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"What a pretty Mary Poppins!"  May 02

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We played with toy trains, games and water boats in this building!  May 02

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They all loved the characters!  (the paving stones with the names are seen below)

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It's always Christmas at GKTW!!!

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All the special characters came to GKTW village!

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Steven with his new friends from GEAR UP FLORIDA!  Meredith, Emma, and Steven had so much fun with these guys during Parent's Night Out!


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This is how we got around in the Village!  The kids loved it!

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Meredith and Emma made some new friends too! May 02

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Lance from Gear Up teaching Steven Scooby Doo Nintendo!

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Another Park???  I can only walk so much!

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Steven and Scooby taking a much needed rest from fun!

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The Gingerbread house!  We loved eating meals and ice cream here!

GKTWgearuppage.jpg (13142 bytes)
Steven singing for Gear Up Florida Team member Ty!

GKTWstevenmicpage.jpg (14886 bytes)
Steven "performing" for Pam and the Vice Mayor! (May 19,2002)


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Steven, Meredith and Emma with their new found friends at Give Kids the World!!

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