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websitesnowday.jpg (14302 bytes)
This was taken on the first"snow" day in San Antonio in 7 years!!  The kids had a blast chopping
the ice off everything in the back yard and then warming up in the hot tub!
February 24, 2003

websitesnowday1.jpg (17054 bytes)
The kids using food coloring to turn the ice blue! 
Steven had this look of
"Blue ice? How did that happen?" 
Snow day February 24, 2003
c hottub.jpg (16228 bytes)
The kids playing with lots of bubbles in the hot tub!
February, 2003

abc3webalbum.jpg (14705 bytes)
Steven with "cow ears" (Miss Kimberlee took this
great pic!)  January, 2003

abc1.jpg (11949 bytes)
Wow!  Our Gingerbread train! Christmas 2002

Last dose cyclosporin.jpg (10172 bytes)
Steven taking what we hope will be his last dose of cyclosporin after six straight months of twice per day dosing.  He was quite a trooper through it all
December 16, 2002

abc2.jpg (10823 bytes)
The kids put on a Jesus birth story play for us.  Emma
played Mary holding baby Jesus, Meredith was both Joseph and the Kings, and Steven was the "boy Shepherd" (the girls really wanted him to
be the camel-- but he said no)
Christmas 2002
Christmas play website.jpg (17095 bytes)
The boy shepherd (steven), a King (Meredith), and Mary (Emma) with baby Jesus.  Notice the "star" above Mary's head!   Christmas 2002

c webalbum.jpg (21233 bytes)
Steven playing on our front yard swing!  January 2003

Christmas tree website1.jpg (15424 bytes)
As you can see he took decorating very seriously!
Christmas 2002
Christmas todd website.jpg (14914 bytes)
Todd Trcka wrestling with
Julia and Steven.  December 2002

christmas website.jpg (9903 bytes)
Steven taking a rest.  Notice that he's sleeping with a can of room spray--he loves to go around the house spraying it pretending that it's a spaceship taking off.   At least our house smells good!  December 2002
Nov webalbum8.jpg (8340 bytes)
Steven riding without training wheels
for the first time!
(after a couple of falls, however,
he wanted them back on!)
October 2002
nov webalbum1.jpg (9981 bytes)
Meredith took this picture of Steven!
November 2002

Nov webalbum7.jpg (18212 bytes)
It's Emma the girl vampire with Spongebob!
Halloween 2002

Nov webalbum9.jpg (21908 bytes)
Meredith and the Halloween "cheer team" of
friends Chandler and Devin.
Halloween 2002

Nov webalbum4.jpg (13304 bytes)
Steven and Julia doing silly faces! 
Steven's birthday party.  November 2002

Nov webalbum.jpg (12328 bytes)
It's a red Power Ranger swim goggle wearing hockey player!
As you can see,
Steven LOVES to play dress up!
November 2002

Light the Night Walk 017.jpg (17117 bytes)
The TNT team presenting Steven with a team Jersey!
September 2002--GO TNT!
LTN Oct 02.jpg (17309 bytes)
Steven's expression during the Light the Night Walk!  What a special evening!   Oct 02

Light the Night Walk 061.jpg (17559 bytes)
Most of us look happy!  Steven got a little tired of all the picture taking--he just wanted to get on with the fun! 

Light the Night Walk 051.jpg (14469 bytes)
The banner that Sue Wysong had made for our team to carry!  Oct 02
Light the Night Walk 056.jpg (18109 bytes)
Alice Rohrman's Brownie Troop participating in the Light the Night walk!  Oct 02
Light the Night Walk 050.jpg (14565 bytes)
Steven's Team Captain Sue Wysong with husband Allen along with David Brown from World Karate--they made it all happen! Oct 02

Lemonade stand and Karate1.jpg (18913 bytes)
The kids Lemonade and Brownie Stand in our Neighborhood.  All proceeds went to the Leukemia Society! September 02

Lemonade stand and Karate 018.jpg (17294 bytes)
Steven standing with our first "customers", the Neals, at the kids' Lemonade and Brownie stand.  The kids' raised $420 to donate to the Leukemia Society's Light the Night Walk!  Sept 02

Lemonade stand and Karate 003.jpg (13692 bytes)
This is Steven really wanting to jump into that little pond!  Sept 02

92802_5.jpg.jpg (9976 bytes)
My brother Tony put together this team for Chicago's Light the Night walk in September!   They had 35 walkers and raised over $3000!  Thanks Tony!  September 28

Beginning the Light the Night Walk in Chicago
September 28

Part of Steven's Team - Uncle Tony, Captain!  September 28